International Baccalaureate Chemistry Tutoring

With knowledge of the IB syllabus, experience and a passion for teaching, we can deepen your understanding of physics during professional tutoring.

Our school was founded by a graduate of the IB programme!

"As a graduate of the IB programme, I know very well that passing 6 subjects, including at least 3 at HL, writing labs, EEs, internals, passing (in my case) 16 written exams and several oral exams, is quite a challenge for a high school student. I also know how few teachers are familiar with the IB curriculum. That's why I set up Foster High - to help students with this difficult task and to show repeatedly proven, safe routes to achieve the highest possible overall on the IB Diploma."

Michał Szumski

Foster High founder

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We are IB chemitry specialists

We offer dedicated chemistry tutoring for those who wish to take and successfully pass the IB International Baccalaureate. This is essential for all high school students who plan to apply to international universities and choose chemistry-related subjects. Our Foster High team has the necessary experience to prepare the high school graduate to cope with this challenge. By doing so, we will increase the chances of future students getting into their dream university course.

You may be wondering:

Where to get IB chemistry study materials from?

How do you learn IB chemistry?

What is the difference between Chemistry SL and Chemistry HL?

Where to find information about the IB system?

We know the answers to these questions!

We provide tutoring in chemistry tailored to the needs of IB students

Full support in the ongoing study of IB chemistry.

During tutoring, students systematically fill in gaps in their understanding of the topics covered at school. As a result, they learn with more enthusiasm and achieve higher grades.

We offer tutoring at each of the IB Chemistry levels:

Chemistry SL (Standard Level)
Chemistry HL (Higher Level)

90/120 minutes a week

Individual or in groups

Stationary or online

IB chemistry tutoring at Foster High is a

IB programme specialists

Our staff includes IB graduates, including the founder of Foster High himself, as well as tutors who have specialised in the IB programme for many years. We offer comprehensive support from standard subject tutoring to help with IA, EE, TOku essay writing and support with your application to study abroad.

Friendly atmosphere

In our lessons, we focus on professionalism without sacrificing a friendly atmosphere. Students genuinely enjoy participating in our classes and we are enthusiastic about teaching them. This approach results not only in high academic achievement, but also in the satisfaction of growing in a supportive environment.

Tailoring to the student's needs

At Foster High, we tailor the learning process to the individual student's needs, placing emphasis on developing independence and problem-solving skills. As a result, our students discover their true potential, become more confident and know how to apply their knowledge.

Dream study abroad

Many students in the IB programme think about going to study abroad. Through our classes, we support young people in achieving their ambitious educational goals. We work together to achieve high academic results and support students in their development by giving them constructive feedback.

For the study of IB chemistry we provide

Tablet for free

for online classes

Educational materials

both own and third-party Foster Books

GDC graphic calculators

for work during stationary classes

What do you say about our IB chemistry tutoring?

I would highly recommend Foster High tutoring. I was taught chemistry by Ms Blanka for a year, at IB extended level. The tutoring helped me gain confidence by solving tasks in exam format. In addition to a significant improvement in my school grades, which went from ones to fours and fives, I also got a very good result in my final exams 😊 Once again, highly recommended.

Nadia S., student

I would highly recommend the chemistry tutoring at Foster High. The teachers here are very knowledgeable and the working atmosphere is very pleasant. They are always punctual and prepare helpful and useful materials.

Martha, student

I would recommend to anyone who has any problems in learning chemistry or maths, wonderful atmosphere, professional teachers, you can understand the material quickly!

Julia Kobylińska, student

Variants of tutoring


Online tutoring takes place using video instant messaging, a virtual whiteboard, and a graphics tablet provided by us for the duration of the study at Foster High. The comfort of lessons that can take place from anywhere in the world.


Students from Warsaw, Krakow and Lublin are welcome to sign up for on-site classes. We provide comfortable offices equipped with healthy snacks and hot drinks. We especially recommend our oases in the center of cities for group classes.


Standard type of classes. Classic 1-on-1 tutoring, known and loved. Especially recommended for students with specific needs or in cases of emergency and crisis.


Small group lessons (2-4 people) are a favorite type of class for our students and teachers. They are famous for their excellent atmosphere. Students attending classes in groups learn from each other, have support with homework and are more motivated to learn.

In Polish

Also, we can implement IB program classes in Polish.

In English

Many IB program students opt for premium classes taught in English.

We pick the teacher

Teacher selection is a key issue when it comes to tutoring. Therefore, we offer the possibility of matching the characters of the student and the teacher by conducting personality tests, for those who are willing.

You pick the teacher

A tutor by recommendation? Or perhaps after reviewing our staff, someone particularly to your liking? As part of our premium classes, we offer you the opportunity to choose your teacher.

How much do our classes cost?

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