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Let's not kid ourselves. Not everyone was born a philosopher. However, we guarantee that with the right support, anyone can write their TOK essay with curiosity looking for arguments to support their claims.

You are welcome to come for a consultation - we will go through each stage of essay writing together step by step and make sure that you get a satisfactory number of points.

Our school was founded by a graduate of the IB programme!

"As a graduate of the IB programme, I know very well that passing 6 subjects, including at least 3 at HL, writing labs, EEs, internals, passing (in my case) 16 written exams and several oral exams, is quite a challenge for a high school student. I also know how few teachers are familiar with the IB curriculum. That's why I set up Foster High - to help students with this difficult task and to show repeatedly proven, safe routes to achieve the highest possible overall on the IB Diploma."

Michał Szumski

Foster High founder

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TOK essay writing time is approaching and you don't know

You may be wondering:

What are the TOK Essay requirements?

What are the evaluation criteria for the TOK Essay?

Which TOK Essay topic should I choose?

We know the answers to these questions!

How to write a good TOK essay?

The basis of a good TOK essay is to meet the criteria stipulated by the IB syllabus. However, this is not a standard list of conditions to tick off. The essay is assessed on the basis of one broad criterion, i.e. has the student explored the essay topic in a clear, coherent and critical manner and is the work of the desired length of max. 1600 words?

It can be difficult for a person writing such a paper for the first time to recognise the gaps in their reasoning. This is why the support of experienced teachers is so extremely helpful in writing a quality paper.

The Theory Of Knowledge consultation is a...

Substantive help with writing a TOK essay

You can apply to us at any stage of writing your paper. We will tell you what a TOK essay should look like, how to write it clearly and substantively. We are committed to making your thesis writing an interesting time of shared reflection on the nature of knowledge.

1h or 2h consultation with a dedicated teacher

These are 1:1 meetings with one of our foster TOK specialists.

You can apply to us at any stage of writing your TOK essay

With a lack of concepts on the essay

We will consider a list of topics in terms of the difficulty of the questions to consider and the Areas of Knowledge that interest you.

Once the topic has been chosen

We will help you create an essay plan and a first draft. Based on these, you will be able to develop the paragraphs one by one.

Essay in the course of writing

We will ensure that key terms are properly defined, claims and conclusions are formulated and that the essay is clearly structured.

Work to check

After the final draftee, we will apply our comments to your work, which we will discuss together during the concluding consultation.

How much do our classes cost?

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