Internal Assessment Consultations

You don't know how to start working on your IA and the deadline is coming up? Or maybe you got stuck in calculations and can't move forward?

Thanks to our professional support, you won’t have to worry about formal issues. We will help you choose and develop a topic that you are really into. Writing IA won’t feel like a tedious task but a rewarding job of a science researcher.

Our school was founded by a graduate of the IB programme!

"As a graduate of the IB programme, I know very well that passing 6 subjects, including at least 3 at HL, writing labs, EEs, internals, passing (in my case) 16 written exams and several oral exams, is quite a challenge for a high school student. I also know how few teachers are familiar with the IB curriculum. That's why I set up Foster High - to help students with this difficult task and to show repeatedly proven, safe routes to achieve the highest possible overall on the IB Diploma."

Michał Szumski

Foster High founder

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The time for writing IA is coming up and you don't know

You wonder:

What are the Internal Assessment requirements?

What are the assessment criteria for Internal Assessment?

Which Internal Assessment topic should I choose?

What is Internal Assessment?

We know all the answers!

Interesting research ideas beg to be explored

Before the first consultation, each student receives our guidebook “How to choose the topic
of Internal Assessment?“.

Thanks to it, you appear at the first meeting with exciting ideas that we can discuss and

Internal Assessment criteria

Internal Assessment is a specific assignment as you need to know the assessment criteria to
achieve the highest possible score. The criteria for Maths IA, which is the most popular
among our students, are divided into 5 categories:

Criterion A: Communication 4
Criterion B: Mathematical presentation 4
Criterion C: Personal engagement 3
Criterion D: Reflection 3
Criterion E: Use of mathematics 6

During classes, we will assess your project in terms of the above-mentioned criteria.

Thanks to many years of experience, we will reliably estimate how many points your IA
should receive before you submit it for grading!

We will advise you on what can be improved or developed to tackle every aspect of your
Internal Assessment and receive a satisfactory score.

Internal Assessment consultations are...

Professional assistance in writing

We can not only help you choose a topic, but also transform an exhausting task into a developing challenge. We will tell you what should be included and how to write it properly. We will show you plenty of useful tools for drawing charts or creating presentations and statistics - everything that could be useful later while preparing similar reports.

1 or 2 hour meeting with a dedicated teacher

These are individual meetings with one of our Foster IB specialists. Our staff includes graduates of the IB Programme and foreign universities, as well as tutors specializing in the IB Programme.

You can contact us at any stage of writing IA

No topic

We will discuss the areas of science you are interested in to find a specific topic you can write about.

Approved topic

Together we will create an outline thanks to which you will be able to implement it in an orderly manner.

In the process

We will debate various solutions, advise and support you in your research and analyses.

How much do our classes cost?

Our teacher will assess your project and make comments, which you will later discuss during the online consultation.

How much do our classes cost?

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