Group tutoring classes for IB students

Professional lessons for International Baccalaureate students customized to individual needs of the group

Supplementary classes for IB schools and groups - curriculum and form tailored to the needs of the group

Matura exam this year?

We will check starting knowledge of the students, and plan the agenda of the classes to the students’ maximum benefit

The group needs adjusting the work tempo?

We will cater for it explaining everything nice and slow, or making it brief and quick if needed

Absence of the teacher? The class skipped geometry?

We will check the knowledge of the necessary basics of mathematics, which will make the group learn more effectively in the future

Students want to expand their knowledge of mathematics?

We offer both remedial and extension classes, tailored to students' needs. At the request of course participants, we can teach any topic

Organized IB group tutoring at Foster High

IB program specialists

Our staff includes graduates of both the IB program itself and foreign universities, as well as tutors specializing in the IB program. Our experienced teachers effectively help students find their way in this engaging learning system.

Start at any time

No matter what time of the year we start - we will present a learning plan with predetermined topics, according to the class/group needs

Small Groups

Group sizes of up to 12 people enable intensive interaction, free questioning and effective learning.

Online classes

Which offer the flexibility to participate from anywhere in the world

Our school was founded by an IB program graduate!

"As an IB program graduate, I know very well that completing 6 subjects, including at least 3 at HL, writing labs, EE, internals, passing (in my case) 16 written exams, and a few oral exams is quite a challenge for a high school student. I also know how few teachers are familiar with the IB program. That's why I established Foster High - to help students in this difficult task and to point out repeatedly tested, safe paths to achieving the highest overall score on the IB diploma."

Michał Szumski

Founder of Foster High


Exceptional customer-oriented approach, full professionalism, and passion evident in what these people do. Highly recommended with a clear conscience - satisfaction guaranteed!
Bartłomiej Nowakowski
Very helpful company. Huge thanks to Mrs. Julia for IB math AA HL 7 on the exam. Highly recommend!
Peter Kosowicz
Classes at Foster High greatly helped me master the extended material in mathematics. In lessons with Mrs. Dominika, there was always a pleasant atmosphere and an individual approach to the student. Everything was well and simply explained. I recommend!
Gosia A
Bartosz E. is a wonderful teacher with extensive subject knowledge and the ability to help students with current school tasks. Highly recommended.
Ksawery Szymański
I was struggling with a challenging physics topic and needed a good grade on the final exam. Mr. Łukasz helped me understand the topic deeply, which was the key point. Thanks!
I highly recommend tutoring at Foster High, especially in physics with Mr. Łukasz. It greatly helped me for the IB exam.
Zamilan Myagmardorj
I highly recommend tutoring at Foster High to anyone looking for help in preparing for the IB exams. Thanks to lessons with Mr. Michał K., I mastered the IB physics material in a few months, which I couldn't understand in school. The atmosphere during the classes was pleasant, conducive to acquiring knowledge. Although the lessons were held online, they were of the same quality as in-person, providing greater flexibility in terms of hours, tailored to the student's availability. The teacher has an individual approach, explains well, often clarifies how a given equation was derived, making it easier to grasp the material. In the end, I received a grade 6 in physics on the IB diploma. Highly recommend!
Julia Bugajska
I highly recommend tutoring at Foster High to everyone. Both those who are completely new to a field and those who just need some polishing. I attended classes with Mikołaj (mathematics) and Łukasz (physics). I started math classes in December because initially, I didn't think I would need tutoring in that subject. I felt fairly confident in it. However, lessons with Mikołaj turned out to be a bullseye. Together we identified some gaps in my knowledge, and diligently filled them in. I expect a result around 100%, and I know that without lessons with Mikołaj, it would be hard for me to achieve this result. Before starting the physics course, I was terrible at it. I didn't know anything at all. Coming to the course, I didn't have high expectations. I knew it would be difficult for this subject. After completing the entire course, I can honestly say that Łukasz is a brilliant person. His unique methods are truly amazing. Łukasz is patient, calm, always willing to explain a concept (even the fifth time :)). Confirmation of my words is that I recommended Łukasz to two friends, and both of them were very satisfied with the cooperation. From the first meeting, it was clear that Łukasz loves physics and is a person with immense knowledge in his field. I was confident that working together would yield a good result. And I was probably not wrong because I expect a result in physics around 85-90%. In September, something I didn't even hope for will probably become a reality. Without a doubt, I can say that Łukasz will help anyone, even the most difficult case. All it takes is the desire, and a good result on the exam is guaranteed.
Jakub Półtorak

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